Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Tiny Paws Pug Rescue Located?

Tiny Paws has a network of foster families throughout the Central Coast and Northern California. As far south as Morro Bay up through the Monterey Bay Area and north to the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as farther inland.

Can I adopt outside of your coverage area?

Yes! We are open to adoptions out of the area, and have had several in the past. However we will not ship dogs because of the possible health complications. Travel arrangments will need to be made by the adoptive family and include a person picking up the dog in California. We've had dogs picked up on cross country motor home trips, and dogs that were delivered to adoptive families near local airports, but dogs will never be shipped alone.

How do I adopt?

As of January 2021, we are temporarily suspending all adoption applications as we work through our existing applicant list. For future reference, adoption begins with filling out an adoption application. Once submitted you should be contacted by one of Tiny Paws volunteers. There will be a brief phone interview to discuss your household situation and what ages and kinds of dogs you're interested in adopting. After this, a brief home inspection will be arranged. These are generaly done by volunteers who live in in your area. (For those adopting out of our coverage area alternative arangements will be made.) Once this step is done, you're all set to bring home your new pug.

Can I apply before I choose a specific dog?

If you are seriously interested in adopting, but are waiting for the right pug to come along feel free to apply now add be pre-approved for when the right pug comes in.

I sent in my application but haven't heard back, what now?

As of January 2021, we are temporarily suspending all adoption applications are we work through our exisiting lists of applicants. Please check back again! If it's been more than two weeks since submitting an application please reach out and contact us again. Tiny Paws is a volunteer run organization with a focus on the pugs. Sometimes their immediate medical needs can distract our focus from the paperwork.

How do I surrender a dog?

We understand that unforseen circumstances can leave families unable to care for their dogs, and we are commited to helping those dogs find new forever homes. If you find yourself in this situation, start by filling out our surrender form. Once submitted a volunteer will contact you to discuss your options.

How can I become a foster?

First we'd like to thank you for your interest. We can't accept pugs without having foster homes to send them to. Fill out our foster application, once submitted you will be contacted by one of our volunteers.

How can I help?

We are always looking for help to Foster, Transport, and Pull from shelters. Can you help us with your time and patience? Please let us know. Looking for a less involved way to help? Simply posting a link to our adoption page or our FAQ when you see a comment or question on social media is the fastest way anyone can help.