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This little girl is about six months of age. We thought that she was older but after a visit to our vet for her spay, they said - no she is younger. She came in with Perry. She appears to be part French Bulldog based on her ears. Again, we have no idea on her mix. We know these are not Pugs. But they needed us and we had room. Please let us know if you are interested in this little cutie.
Perry is a Frenchie mix. He came to us with another Frenchie mix that were let out from a car. Just opened the door and let these two out to fend for themselves. They came to us through the Martinez shelter. Perry is a 4 year old neutered boy. He loves to go for walks, and play with the other dogs in the house. Perry is a sweetie. His Foster Mom, Karen thinks the other half could be a Corgi! We really do not know. We just know he is great dog that needs a great home.
Meet Jack! He's a 13 year old Pug-Mix. He's an active guy. He loves to play in the park, and be with people. His person passed away. So his family, not having the space to keep him, called us and we of course said yes! We love Jack. We hope one of you will fall in love with him and want to take him home.
Latte, is a petite little girl. She is about 13 pounds. We are working to put a little weight on her.
Her Foster Mom, Kathy is also giving her regular spa treatments to help her fur recover. She was a victim to the outdoors - and is loving her new routine of sleeping inside, and just going out for a lay in the sun or a potty break. Kathy is working with her on potty training. We believe that Latte is around 8 years of age.
Sophie, came in to us through owner surrender. She is a beautiful Apricot senior girl. We are working on her weight as she topped the scale at 39 pounds. We need to clean her teeth, but we would like to have her lose some weight first. She loves to walk daily with her Foster Mom. She is a complete snuggle bug and loves to be with people and does well with other dogs.
Milo is an 11-year old senior guy with diabetes. He gets two easy shots a day. Our Fosters grandson, can give the shots - they are that easy. Milo is a sweet boy, looking for his forever home. If you’re interested in meeting Milo. He is being fostered in Rhonert Park, please put in an application.
Mei Mei
Mei Mei is looking for her forever home. She is a gorgeous 9 years young girl who came to us after her owner passed away. While she does have mobility issues in her back legs, it does not stop her from wanting to snuggle. Currently her Foster Mom expresses her to keep her go potty. We are looking for a patient experienced pug person for Mae Mae. She deserves a wonderful second act.
Senior guy who has a chill personality and would be great in a home with adults only. He likes to go for walks and is just as comfortable finding a great spot in the sun to lay in. We believe that Yoda is 10 - 11 years of age.
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Currently, we are not accepting or reviewing new applications to adopt. We will update you when we are accepting applications again. If you still choose to submit an application, we will not be responding and it will not be reviewed.  We have a waiting list and will be working towards providing pugs and pug mixes to our approved waiting adopters. 

Adoption Application

There is a $ 25.00 submission fee that helps us offset the cost of processing. 

Adoption Donation Guidelines *
0 – 1 year     $ 600
1 – 3 years   $ 550
3 – 6 years   $ 450
6 – 9 years   $ 300
9 +    years   $ 200
*Prices may vary 
Includes well-care checkup, spay/neuter, shots, and microchip for adult dogs. 
For puppies with a spay or neuter agreement, the adoptive family will be responsible for additional vaccines post-adoption. 

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